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The Technology and Innovation Fund 1 (T&I Fund 1) is an early stage technology-focused fund investing in Southeast Asia-based startups across sectors such as FinTech, Human Resources, Media and Entertainment, Education and Digital Health.

The GEC-KIP Technology and Innovation Fund (GEC-KIP Fund) is a co-GP technology fund managed by a dedicated team of venture investment professionals from both Golden Equator Ventures and Korea Investment Partners. The sector-agnostic fund looks for opportunities occurring at the intersections of large markets, investing in Series A and Series B stage companies.


Founder: Joseph PhuaFounder: Joseph PhuaSector: Media & Entertainment

Enables content creators to engage their fans and audiences around the globe through live streaming and broadcasting.

Eunoia (Exited)

Founder: Zi Huan WeeFounder: Zi Huan WeeSector: Food & Beverage

A universal B2B platform that allows retailers and technology providers to rapidly integrate and connect with each other to create an omni-channel customer experience.

Glints (Exited)

Founder: Oswald Yeo, Seah Ying CongFounder: Oswald Yeo, Seah Ying CongSector: Human Resources, Education

A full-stack, tech-enabled talent acquisition and career development company focused on helping young professionals in Southeast Asia realise their potential.


Founder: Althea Lim, Vincent HaFounder: Althea Lim, Vincent HaSector: Media & Entertainment, E-commerce

A global digital talent agency group focused on influencer marketing and entertainment in Asia with operations in 11 countries. It has exclusive representation of over 300 influencers, reaching more than 200 million followers and 40 million YouTube subscribers.


Founder: Jeffrey Liu, Justin LouieFounder: Jeffrey Liu, Justin LouieSector: FinTech

Jenfi is a financial technology company that provides revenue-based financing and analytics to digital native businesses in Asia.


Founder: G-Jay YongFounder: G-Jay YongSector: Education, E-commerce, Hardware

Reinventing the way kids learn by leveraging technology to augment the education process via a personalised platform, allowing kids to develop skills of the future.